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IMG 0010My wife keeps asking me, "Why do you want to write in a blog?"

Well, I'm still trying to explain it to her, but it boils down to my desire to connect further with my patients and their parents more than during our short conversations in the office. On this site I hope to continue discussions about discipline, ADHD, childhood development, obesity, healthy living, and more. Here I might be able to expand upon and better explain what I was rambling on about in the office. I will be writing mainly for my patients at Fairview Pediatrics, but hope that this site will help parents of other children, too. 

jugglingI just thought I would put in a starter post regarding juggling. I first got interested in juggling when I was in grade school. I remember the moment wanted to juggle: I was in 8 years old and I was watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers was interviewing a 12 year old boy who taught himself how to juggle. He was performing a very basic 3 ball juggle pattern. I decided, for some reason, that I was going to teach myself.

I remember practicing with apples.